Demo Reel 2022

Demo Reel of work created during Johns Hopkins Medical and Biological Illustration program.

The Glymphatic System

Animation created with Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects, and Zbrush to illustrate the recently discovered pathway of the glymphatic system, which allows for clearance of the brain’s endogenous wastes.

The Glymphatic System Storyboard


Animation created with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to illustrate a novel approach to treating lymphatic leaks.

Placenta Accreta Spectrum Part 1

Thesis animation of early placental development. First part of a 6-minute animation.

Placenta Accreta Spectrum Part 2

Thesis animation of early placenta accreta spectrum. Second part of a 6-minute animation.

Muscles of Facial Expression Turntable

3d Model sculpted in Zbrush

Le Fort I Osteotomy

Interactive VR module designed and developed in Unity that teaches the steps of a Le Fort I Osteotomy. 3D assets were created in Zbrush and Cinema4D and optimized for VR.